Woodstock Autism Charity Wind Chime


Woodstock for Autism Charity Wind Chime.  60cm.

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100% of the wholesale after-tax profits from this Woodstock Wind Chime are donated to research and educational organisations focused on Autism!

Have a look here at the video which explains the lovely story of how these wind chimes came about: http://www.chimes.com/t-autism.aspx

Seems a little expensive for a wind chime, I know. But these are Woodstock chimes, world famous for their workmanship. This chime is very high quality, heavy, built to last, and comes with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee!

You can enjoy the sound of this wind chime here: http://www.avena.co.uk/audio/content/9337/WAUT%20sound.mp3

It is tuned to the opening of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21, which is often used in Music Therapy.

This amazing good-cause wind chime is made with genuine hardwood with a cherry wood finish and has heavy duty nylon strings.

The tubes are a special powder coated aluminium alloy that will not rust. 60cm long and comes carefully packed in a card box.

It will be securely packaged and delivered FREE within 7-10 days from the UK.


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